Testing Facilities
Spectro Meter
Microscope with Image Analyzer
Computerized Universal Tensile Testing machine
Well equipped wet lab
Carbon Silicon equivalent meter for each furnace
Sand Lab
Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines
Temperature Pyrometer
Ultrasonic Testing
Sand Lab
Induction Hardening
Fully CNC Controlled Machines - 3 Nos.
Power: 100 Kw to 125 Kw
Frequency: 10000 to 30000 Hz
Max Length: 600 mm
Max Weight: 30 kgs
Case Depth: 1.5 mm to 8 mm
Brinell & Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines
Machining - Turning
VTLs -- 5 No.
CNC Turners -- 24 No.
Center Lathes -- 30 No.
Dia upto -- 600 mm
Machining - Milling
VMCs - 11 No.
4th Axis Both Rotary & Index Table
Pallet Size: 800 mm X 480 mm
Milling Machines -- 8 No.
Drilling Machines -- 6 No.
Tapping Attach -- 5 No.
Balancing Machines
Electronic Control
Sensitivity : 5.0 mmg
Vertical & Horizontal Drilling attachments available
Grinding Machines
Surface, Cylindrical & Centerless Grinders
Co-ordinate Measurement Machine
Co-ordinate Measurement Machine
Measuring Range: X-700, Y-700, Z-600
Programmable auto measurement
+/- 180 degrees of bi-directional rotation of stylus allows for complex measurements
Quality and reliability of measuring results
Other Metrology Facilities
Surface Tester
Digital Height Gauges
Vernier Calipers, Bore Dial Gauges, Micro Meters etc
Required Gauges and Fixtures
Contour Tester
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