Welcome! Techno Rings specialize in manufacture and assembly of Cast & Machined Components

  • Fully Automated DISA Moulding Line
    Fully Automated DISA Moulding Line
  • Clutch, Pressure, Cover Plates
    Clutch Pressure Plates, Cover Plates & Withdrawal Plates
  • Furnaces with over 4750kg Melting Capacity
    Furnaces with over 4750kg Melting Capacity
  • Ring for oil seal & flywheel assemblies
    Ring for oil seals, flywheel adaptors & flywheel assemblies
  • Reliable CMM for shop floor and lab
    Reliable CMM for shop floor and lab
  • Hi-tech machining & milling facility
    Hi-tech machining & milling facility
  • Induction hardening machines
    Induction hardening machines


Techno Rings employ state-of-art equipment in the industry — enabling fast production of high-integrity moulds with low mismatch and minimal finishing costs. Simplified operation with innovative mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems means higher uptime with lower maintenance requirements.


Techno Rings operates a technologically advanced manufacturing facility and offers a wide range of capabilities including: high-volume machining, prototypes, assembly, painting, heat-treatment, as well as design and managed inventory services.

Value Engineering

Technorings has been one of the first to develop tough grades with high tensile strength and High carbon percentage for Customers way back in 1999. We engage ourselves in providing value engineering services to our valuable customers, saving them crores of rupees in production.


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